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16世紀XVIe siècleja fr
17世紀XVIIe siècleja fr
アダム・ヤジェンプスキAdam Jarzębskija fr
イタリアItalieja fr
クラウディオ・モンテヴェルディClaudio Monteverdija fr
ジャズJazzja fr
ハープHarpeja fr
フランチェスコ・ロニョーニFrancesco Rognoni Taeggioja fr
リュートLuthja fr
ヴィオラ・ダ・ガンバViole de gambeja fr
即興演奏Improvisation musicaleja fr
擦弦楽器Instrument à cordes frottéesja fr
Portal:クラシック音楽Portail:Musique classiqueja fr

Replace these links in the source article text.

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The source article and project are the article to translate.

The target project is the Wikipedia project where you'll publish the translation.

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The interwikis are stored by alphabetical order in the MediaWiki database. To sort by apparition order would require to read source text, and then, would slow the process.